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Client: Absolut

Project: Midsummer Nights @Body&Soul



To create assets for the Midsummer Nights by Absolut Art Bar, a Press Ad and digital assets to be published in the run-up and Print items: Lanyard, Drink Token and Menu for the Absolut Art Bar at Body&Soul.


By evolving the already existing “Nights by Absolut” logo to be “Midsummer Nights by Absolut” and then creating a new pattern using Absolut’s blue and some of its secondary colours, complemented by a background of grass to tie in with the festival feel, we designed a fresh, new set of assets for Absolut.

The Press Ad was using the Nights by Absolut photography assets we created a visually exciting ad for Hot Press Magazine displaying the dj line-up for the Absolut Art Bar. This was accompanied by a series of Facebook images to be used by PR in weeks leading up to Body&Soul .

The print items was using our newly created assets we adapted them across all required print items. A die-cue Absolut bottle shaped drink token was produced alongside a 4 page folding lanyard to be placed in a plastic pocket. The lanyard included a bespoke map along with the cocktail menu and schedule of djs for the Absolut Art Bar.