Pedigree – Denta Dog

dentadog gif

Client: Pedigree brand on behalf of Mars Ireland

Project: Dentastix in-store display design and creation.


To design and create a functional Dentastix display unit, using it to enhance the brand experience by creating in-store theatre.


The first step in the process was to develop a structural design for the display unit. Various structure types with different structural features were developed during the process.

On completion of the structural design we developed a material concept that was suited to the specific structure. By bringing them together we created “Denta Dog”.


A bespoke, innovative in-store display unit, that is both modern and functional, and completely reflective of the product it promotes.

The Denta Dog is lightweight yet sturdy with the structural intelligence to carry product weight.

With Denta Dog we created a big-impact display, that offered high visibility in store and an enhanced brand experience.